Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 48- birthday breaks

Renovating had a bit of a break today while we celebrated a family birthday. I love a good party and it was such a lovely day for it.

The rest of the day we picked up the last of the new appliances for the house including our new tv. We have still had my 13yr old tube tv and have been reluctant to upgrade simply because it isn't broken. This time though we decided to and I am still trying to get used to the picture! I'm so not a fan yet. We had to get an ariel man to come out and replace the ariel and all the cables. We should have got him to hook up all the extra things too. Hubby spent best part of a day and its still not working.

Reno tip for today- when buying a house make sure you check that everything works. Hot water, tv ariel, fans,lights,hardware on the windows etc. all these things are not that expensive to fix( except for the hot water) but they all add up and blow out your budget. For example- the window locks on our windows need to be repaired or replaced. They are only $15 each but we have 20 windows. That's another $300 out of the budget!

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