Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 31- a wasted day

Today felt like such a wasted day. Not much got done this morning and then just before lunch the terrible discovery was made. Tiles that were supposed to be the same size and require the same grout space turned out not to be the same. A call to the tile shop and they assured us they could swap them. 30 boxes of tiles loaded in the car and a trip down to the tile shop.

The tile man had a number of theories- none of which explained why the sample tile was the right size but the delivered tiles weren't. His theories included offsetting the tiles, laying them on their side, rip up the already laid tiles and pay for new ones. No theory that offered a swap of tiles. We did get some glue etc but it just felt like such a wasted trip!

Reno tip for today- just because a tile says 300x300 or the sales assistant assures you they are the same- double check the actual size of the tiles before you accept the delivery.

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