Monday, August 23, 2010

Vege Garden Update

My blog has been so poorly tendered the last couple of months. I must admit that trying to tend to all other areas of life has meant it has been sadly neglected. Thankfully not the same can be said for the vege garden! It has been loving the rainy, cold then hot, sunny weather and everything is thriving.There is nothing quite like eating veges that have just been picked and are still covered in morning dew. My favourite at the moment has to be the sugar snap peas. Miss S does love to pick the peas out of the middle and carry them around but the crunch is sensational. Yum.

The big news though........... Our chicken have started laying. A discovery in the back corner of the garden of three eggs was a welcome find after months of an egg famine. We initially thought it might have been all three laying but it was sadly only the one. After threatening them with the dinner table and placing them under house arrest for a couple of days, the others have finally come to the party. Although they are not consistent yet, we will take as many wonderfully vibrant yokes as we can get.