Saturday, January 8, 2011

Time to refresh

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break. This year our tradition Christmas had a small face-lift; still spent with wonderful family but in slightly different locations. A bit more travel but nice for a change. This year we continued our tradition of baking a Christmas goody basket for the adults in our family group. Thanks to the ladies at Details Details for the packaging!

It is also time to refresh the garden. With all the rain and more rain and more rain, most things in the vege garden are looking a little tired or at worst rotten. This morning, before the rain, we spent time pulling out celery, trimming rhubarb, picking eggplant and planting the heads of our seeded lettuces. It is now time to choose some new things to plant in the garden for the coming months. If you are in the subtropical and tropical areas, some great things to plant in the garden are
broccoli - YUM
brussel sprouts - Nan's favourite ( although I'm not sure why - each to their own Nan)
artichoke - but don't talk to me about it as ours hasn't flowered in 2 1/2 years!

climbing beans
lettuce - check
sweet potato - remind me to tell you a great way to cook this which is soooooooo easy and we learnt in China.

This year we would like to make some changes in Nan's Garden too. We would love to bring you products that you have been searching for or dreaming about. We would love to hear your product ideas. What you want, what you love and even what you don't like! Please comment below, on facebook or email us at One lucky person will even receive their product suggestion for free!