Monday, May 24, 2010

New Truffle Monkeys Photos

We had a lovely time in the park this afternoon taking pictures of more of the Truffle Monkey range. Here are some of my favourite shots.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Great Vege Garden Upgrade


Our home vege garden is getting a massive makeover. Please keep in mind that we are not professional gardeners but just trying to share some of our thoughts with you. We are creating a 'No Dig' garden which simply means we are building up the beds rather than digging them in,

Organic Gardening Tip #1 Preparing your 'No Dig' Garden. If you are building your garden over existing lawn you need to kill the grass. The easiest way is to mow or slash it, cover it with blood and bone and water it in and then cover the grass with something to help it rot. Thick damp newspaper overlapped for light weeds; something like old carpet for more persistent grasses. You can use plastics but they eventually break down into the soil. If you are 'No Dig' gardening over something hard like concrete, put down something to help the air circulate, like dry branches.

The first stage has been to set up the area for the 'No Dig' Garden. My biggest tip for this - don't expect your husband to build this in a weekend. It is certainly slow progress with a little one and no-one left to help hold the beams. We both somehow managed to miscount the number of sleepers we needed. Twice. But all things considered, it is coming along very nicely. Now just to get to Bunnings to get the last 6 or should that be 7, maybe we'll get 8 just to make sure, sleepers.