Friday, July 9, 2010

Are you wondering what to do on the weekend?

Why not come and see us at one of these fabulous markets on the weekend.

On Saturday we will be at the BrisStyle Eco Markets.

This is our first market with BrisStyle and we are really excited to meet all the wonderful retailers that will be trading their EcoWares on the weekend.

On Sunday we will be at the

Boutique Markets

at Portside Wharf in Hamilton. They have lots of new retailers this month so we are looking forward to checking out what they have to offer.

We will be launching our new Summer Range very shortly so stay tuned for more information.

If you are our mystery shopper who left their shopping at Mathilda's Market in June - We have you bag and would love to give it back to you. Just send us an email with what you bought and we will talk about how to get it back to you.

Look forward to seeing you on the weekend!

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Big Market Weekend

As the mushrooms continue to grow - 60kg so far, we have been preparing for a very busy time ahead. This weekend we will be attending two markets. On Saturday we will be going a group of really inspired Eco Friendly independent designers for the BrisStyle Eco market. Reading all the blog posts about their really exciting and passionate crafts has got me thinking about trying to reduce wastage in everything that we produce. Our lovely Eco Elles provide us with wonderful pieces of woollen blanket, too cute to waste but most too small to use. Sitting on the couch this afternoon in the cold and overcast weather, and really not wanting to tackle cleaning the sewing room, I got to thinking........ and this is what came of that. Our new hair clips. These will be debuting at the market on Saturday and then on Sunday when we are at the Boutique markets at Portside. Unfortunately that means its time to go and keep cleaning. Next job on the agenda - pattern sorting. :(