Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 36- job swap

The girls were missing dad so we swapped roles today. They got to go to an indoor play centre (must be what dad thinks I do with them everyday!) and I got stuck into some painting. I am completely over ceiling paint. It's not a job I like at the best of times but when you are painting the equivalent of a whole house it gets a bit tiring on your neck. To make matters worse I apparently used hubby's favourite safety goggles. (Hard to distinguish between one safety goggle and the next if you ask me) by the end of my shift our bedroom is now painted, the ceilings are done and the hallway has one coat. When the kids arrived little miss s needed to do a number 2. Hubby thought it would be a great idea to hook up the toilet so she could use the nice new one. Now most if us mums realise that number twos wait for no man. you can see where this is going! By the time the toilet was functional miss s had caught it in her undies; on to the third set of undies for the day.

Hubby has just arrived home after hopefully laying the last 6 tiles in the bathroom and plastering the girls room.

Reno tip for today- I like to paint in a certain order. Probably not recommended by professionals but it works for me. Ceiling first. Around the windows, doors and skirting boards next. I always over paint all of these so you are sure never to get any of the old colours coming through. Finally cut in the walls( that's just fancy painter talk for the edges) and then roller the walls.

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