Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 37 - window shopping

With 7 days to go until we move in upstairs it was essential to get s hurry along so today was hire a Tradey for a day. That's right ( it would have been nice to win the money for one) we had some paid help today. What better way to celebrate all this progress than to do a bit of window shopping!

I did the dash this morning to pick up a new window for the kitchen. Im sure the men at the shop would have preferred i wait in the car while they put it together but it was fun to watch. After a bit of baby car seat Tetris we had the window in. A very tentative drive home and I was amazed with the progress.

End if today- kitchen window out and in, kitchen window built in, door built in, bathroom in, toilet in, second bedroom skirting and architrave on!

Reno tip- sometimes it's better to pay someone to do parts of the Reno you feel they would be much quicker at. If its going to take you a week to do something they can do in a day- it's sometimes worth the $500 dollars.

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