Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 39 - concreting in the rain

Now I know concrete can set underwater but it didn't need to rain for the first time in 90 days the day we were pouring concrete slabs for the air conditioners! Thanks to the help of all the tradies and my dad we ended the day with the kitchen walls rebuilt, the bathroom downstairs with new walls, concrete slabs for the aircons and done painting.

I know the muchy crunchers had been upstairs but I think that must have been their holiday home- their crunchy commune was definitely in the bathroom downstairs.

Today's Reno tip- if you are getting air conditioning fitted remember that it will cost about another $800 to install, more if you are on the second level and you must have a large area to place them. You can buy large pavers or pour a small concrete slab.

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