Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 40- goofing off!

I went to look at kitchens today. We lived in Beijing for a while and this reminded me so much of being there! Nothing like a good smoke filled tiny falling down office in a warehouse to get you a good deal.

Under the Lino tiles in the kitchen was a tar like substance that was proving quite stubborn to remove. Thankfully there was Goof off. Nothing like getting your dad to handle the toxic chemicals. The guy at bunnings assured me it even smelled nice. I think he'd been doing a bit too much goofing off if you ask me.

Hubby painted his first(and I think his last) ceiling today. I didn't realise he hasn't painted one before. I assured him it was better than cutting in the walls. I of course lied. He asked me about 2 mins in why would I think it was better- what isn't good about doing the limbo permanently for 1hr or so.

Paint is done!

Today's Reno tip- get out of painting the ceilings by conning someone into it who has never painted one!

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