Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 42 - almost broken

Today almost broke me. I got a bit of a sleep in and thought it was going to he a great day, first mistake. The plan was to pick up all the lights and get a quote and pick up kitchen cabinets from Ikea. This was not the actuality. You know when you are driving along and the kids are cranky and you think, I could turn this car around right now. Well when I felt that at the Boondall entertainment centre exit- I should have.

The next omen- go via tag didn't go off.

The third omen- light shop closed. ( at this point I'm thinking- ok should have checked- my fault- never mind)

Fourth omen- cars lined up to get into car park at Ikea. I still persist. Find an awesome park and think all is right. With the world again. Did I mention I had to wake up both children to get out!

Play centre full so I soldier on, along with the population of the south east corner of Queensland, and make it to the kitchen section. They now have a Medicare style machine to get a ticket for help. Ticket in hand my two well behaved kids and I get to planning to kitchen. Kitchen planned, hit print, number called. The world has aligned and then I hear it. " I really need to do wees." No chance of holding on I pass my ticket to the lady, place both kids in the trolley and like a salmon in mating season swim upstream through the population of greater Brisbane dodging the bears scowling at me for going in the wrong direction. Toilet stop complete we waited in the food line for another half an hour and had a delicious lunch.

My energy renewed, and toddler in the play centre, I grab my ticket and get planning again. I did get my quote just as the time in play land ran out. Now to get out of ikea with a baby who has developed a temperature and a toddler wanting to push their own little trolley. Fast forward through an hour and a half, an ankle tap from a trolley, abandoning the trolley to avoid the purchase line only to wait 15mins in the line for an ice cream bribe for good behaviour. I swore I wouldn't resort to caffeine- I cracked right there in the soft serve line. It did little for my approaching migraine.

Travelled most if the way home at 80km/hr for no apparent reason and go via tag worked! Pulled into the driveway only to realise I'd forgotten to get money for tradies. Off to the ATM and back again. Pull into the driveway- hubby rings. He gas forgotten floor estapol. Two really cranky kids and I got to bunnings and get all essential tools. Drive it over. Dumb on footpath. Beep horn. Drive home.

Showered, kids fed and waiting for the boys to return. Sorry to rant but today was definitely a day I want to forget. You know it must be bad if you get out of ikea without buying anything. I am so ready to curl up in bed. Shame the girls are both sick. A long night ahead I fear.

Oh - first coat should be on the floors.

Reno tip for today- don't go to ikea on Sundays. Period.

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