Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 8- tiles tiles tiles

Today's task was to find the bathroom tiles. This task required bribery with the IKEA playroom. Oh how I love you Ikea. Had a very helpful conversation randomly with a stranger in the restaurant. Isn't it funny how small children seem to break down that fear we have of talking to others! But I digress.

Porcelain, ceramic, rectified, 1.5mm spacers. Have you zoned out? I did at the tile shop. Thankfully the shop assistant bribed my 3 yr old with a shiny tile and 10monther was asleep. Tile choosing strategy, pick cheap then good looking and then match the logistics. Thankfully colour matched and tiles are a winner. Shame the girls clothes are not holding up to crawling around in Reno shops.

Reno tip for the day: when choosing floor and wall tiles for a bathroom, if you want the tiles to line up be sure to choose tiles that require the sand grout spacers. Porcelain tiles and cermaic tiles take different spacers and the tiles would gradually misalign as you times. Eek!

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