Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 5 - and the walls come tumbling down

Today the walls are coming down! We are taking off the sheeting in the kitchen and rebuilding the bathroom wall. I say we as if I am having something to do with it! I'm taking the pictures. It is definitely not recommended to undertake rebuilding a wall with a 3yr old and 10 month old in tow. Although I'm sure they do it in many countries around the world- all I have to say about that us hail to those super women!

Back to progress..... Moving in in two weeks is looking more shaky by the say. Hopefully things start flowing faster or we will be sitting in amongst dust grime and unusable plumbing ( sounds like many of my holidays overseas!)- not ideal for little ones.

Today's Reno tip- make sure you have checked what extra support you need before you remove walls and use acro props to support the weight in the mean time. When in doubt- get a professional to do it.

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