Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 2- Mastering this renovation stuff

Today was all about fact finding. Hubby needed a new BBQ which believe it or not is an essential Reno tool, especially when we are going to rip out the kitchen. So it was off to visit all manner of BBQ selling establishments. We checked the usual places- barbecues galore, Bunnings, Kmart and Masters. I am a Bunnings girls from way back but I was very impressed with their customer service. If you have every been to bunning aim a weekend, or a week day for that matter, and wanted to ask someone for advice you had better have packed your lunch! There never seems to be anyone around. At Masters there were more shop assistants than customers and a very helpful call button in each department.

We ended up buying the BBQ from Bunnings and I am pleased to say the car lived up to all expectations. Hopefully the BBQ will too.

Reno tip for today. Most of the larger bbq's you can buy are unlikely to fit in the boot of normal cars.

Voyager drivers- you can load to this line!

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