Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 4- Shopping

Today I tackled bathroom shopping with two girls in tow. Not recommended if you want to take your time-however we don't have time to dawdle so it forced me to think quick. We stopped at Brisbane discount lighting and bathroom and i wished i had taken the ipad. They did have s section with toys bug they hadnothing on the hundreds of sparkly, dangly, crystal treasures hanging just at toddler height. I had Visions of leaving the store with a maxed out credit card, ugly broken chandelier and a toddler I wouldn't speak to for the remainder of her natural life. Thankfully we are still speaking although there are a large number of odd photos on my phone. A small price to pay to keep her occupied! Happily vanity and all bathroom fittings sorted. We celebrated with a trip to the kids play room at Ikea ( and perhaps a chocolate truffle cake......shhhh)

Reno tip for today- Lots of places will have ex demo, seconds, or last of things they want to sell. Always check your measurements and don't be sucked into buying something just because it's cheap..

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