Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 14- two down two to go

Today is two days of renovating down. It feels like more than that. It's a bit like when you are watching something disastrous happen and you see it in slow motion! We have two weeks before we need to move in. That means all the walls, floors and bathrooms need to be done. I can survive without the kitchen I have decided. Especially with the Matador BBQ Steve bought. The ceiling in the bathroom needed to be redone so that was today's task. Most of these photos have been "taken by toddler". She was our official photographer today.

To say was not my favourite job is an understatement. Plaster sheets are heavy and they were just high enough over my head that my arms were at 3/4 stretch. A really awkward position to hold something heavy. Not to mention the gymnastic back bend required to lift it into position. Note to self- too much time spent away from yoga.

The sheets did go up finally and the plaster set so tomorrow will be a pit of paint a bit of cornice and the room is ready to tile! Yay.

Today's Reno tip- putting up plaster sheeting on the ceiling is hard! If you don't know what you are doing ripe in as many people as possible to hold it up. You can build a wood T like apparatus called a third man to help but as far as I'm concerned about 5 men would have been helpful.

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