Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 13- nan is back in the building.

Today Nan came back after a nice month long holiday in the continent! To say I'm relieved, excited and down right jumping for joy that she is back is only slightly understating it! Trying to renovate with two little ones is like trying to renovate with two hands tied behind your back but I just found another set of hands. We are going to be full steam ahead now.(I hope)

Today there were guided tours for the family. Safety gear a must! The kids searched the backyard for nuts while the adults got the low down on the plans.

That left little time for much else except repairing the window where the munchies had been snacking.

Today's Reno tip- make sure you have an adequate support base to help with babysitting etc if you plan to renovate with kids. Also even the most inexperienced family members can help with things like washing walls etc if they are keen to help. Don't turn anybody down.

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