Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 88- Barn Raising

It's been so long since I posted its that point where you have to push yourself to continue. It's similar to when you haven't called a great friend in such a long time you don't want to explain why it's been so long so you don't call! Such a poor excuse. I've decided that no matter how long I need to keep posting.

My excuse for not calling-life. We all experience it and it takes over all the things we would like to be doing. Sick kids, budget difficulties, bad weather, new jobs, markets, unpacking, more unpacking, cooking, washing, the festive season. Sometimes it's important to not be consumed by trying to live life virtually and just survive doing it "offline."

It feels like not much has been done over the last few weeks but its all been a bit behind the scenes. Running a business that involves making things means you accumulate craft supplies. It's not until you are forced to box them all up, live without them for months and then unpack and trying to put them into some sort of order that you face the reality of how much that is! I have been a little overwhelmed by how much and a little ashamed when I think how much we have and how little others have. Even though these supplies are just the potential to be things, the point is there is potential. I read another lovely business. Finlee and Me are helping other families this Christmas and has given me the idea to do the same. If you know a family that could use some lovely things this Christmas, email me at with their sizes/ages and why you think they deserve it and we will choose one family to spoil this Christmas.

Out from under my overwhelming pile of unnecessary consumerism and onto a lighter topic. A cubby raising.

Put on some food, drinks and invite the best neighbours in the whole world and you can put up a cubby in an afternoon! Have I mentioned we have(had) the best neighbours in the whole entire world? You guys know who you are xxxxxxx

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