Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 60 - birthdays and bench tips

Day was a double milestone - kitchen bench top went in and little miss turned one.

The kitchen installation has been a bit frustrating. Deciding which kitchen almost took a week. We did a lot of research before deciding and this will give you a bit of insight into the DIY options out there. We priced the same number of cabinets and a stone bench top from each.

As you might expect having someone install it was the most expensive. Less gadgets and less drawers but someone comes and installs it for you was about $2000 more than any other option and they were the cheapest installer.

Masters and IKEA were within $200 of each other. We have done 2 IKEA kitchens before and I would do one again. Instructions are fairly straight forward and easy to put together and the have a great customer assistance centre now but you will have to wait like Medicare for someone to help. I like their gadgets and they have a great range of stone colours.

Masters - great customers service to help plan, great gadgets- even Mir than ikea! I would have liked to try them this time . Stone bench top I think is the same person as IKEA- looked like the same quote form.

Builders warehouse- cheaper cabinets and stone. Lots of variety.

DIY renovations- who we went through.

PROS- great price, some cupboards come built. 2pac cupboards. Solid kick board.

CONS- quality control is poor. That being said be haven't had any trouble trying to take things back. (All 4tine!) this is IKEA flatpack but with no instructions. If you struggle with the instructions or haven't find flatpack before- I wouldn't attempt this. You have to get your own stonemason to cut your stone top for you.

I'm glad we tried it but I don't think we will race to do the same one again. Overall though, we are happy with the finish and more importantly the fact we now have a kitchen. Now to get a tap and fond handles.

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