Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rainbow cake

It feels like forever since I posted so I thought I would start with a quick one.

The rainbow cake.

All I did was bake a round cake.

Cut the cake in half. Coat one side of both halves with jam and cream. Stand them up on the flat side to make the rainbow shape. Coat with buttercream. Colour store bought fondant. Woollies sell it in Sandgate. Roll it out into a circle. Use icing sugar to stop it sticking to the bench and rolling pin. Make a slightly smaller circle for each colour. Cut these in half so you have one for each side of the rainbow. Use a very small amount of water brushed on the back side to stick the semicircles on to your cake. Trim gently if needed.

Put a clump of marshmallows at the end to make a cloud.

The whole cake took me about an hour to decorate once it was cooked.

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