Saturday, April 24, 2010

Facebook grrrr

I am constantly bamboozled by the amount of things you can do with Facebook. It seems just as I figure out how to do something, they change it all over again. I must say I am not a fan of the new like button. I know they think it will put less pressure on people to like your page but it just doesn't feel right to say "Welcome to all our new likers." Never mind.... I'm sure it will change again next month.

I have just added a My Etsy page to my facebook personal account. Although my brother in IT may not be too excited about my achievement, I am quite proud of myself. The next Facebook challenge is to try and set up a welcome page. I must first battle photoshop and dreamweaver before I attempt that though. I have also apparently put a site feed onto the My Etsy page from my blog. I am not entirely sure how that works or what it looks like, or as a matter of fact whether it will work, but it will just be another fun thing to play with!

I have finally taken a photo of all the colours that the Eco Elles come in. So here it is.....

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