Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Early to bed Early to rise

I am determined not to have an after midnight night tonight. Both our wholesale orders are now completed and hopefully at their destinations. It is so exciting to see you brand listed in another shop!

Now with those orders out of the way it is back to the grindstone to make sure our Mathilda's Market items are ready. My husband, who has not stayed up past midnight with me, although I am sure he is there is spirit, asked me the other day how I just keep going. I am not sure whether it is the hormonal changes after having a child, the ensuing insanity or just that my body is so used to sleep deprivation that it's the new 8 hours! Not tonight though. Only one more ball of wool, another victim of the little one's desire to feed everything to the dog, to clean up before a blissful 8 hours. I hope.......

Don't forget to come to Mathilda's Market to check out our latest range (and not the bags under my eyes)!

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