Monday, February 15, 2010

YUDU is here!

Finally our YUDU arrived from the US. I should mention that it actually arrived a week ago. In my excitement we unpacked the machine and set it up. Being a typical male my husband plugged it into the wall and after an almighty pop, and a slight panic attack, we realised that he blew one of the fuses. In his infinite wisdom he mentioned that he did think it was probably 110v not 240v but thought the adapter would fix it. No. It doesn't! My reaction and subsequent cooling off period must have jolted him into action; feeling very guilty he found someone to fix the machine and we were set to go.

Never having screen printed before, I managed to make the necessary rookie mistakes. I destroyed two emulsion sheets and went through a bottle of emulsion remover before finally - a successful screen. Yeah!

I have had some great success and some items that are best placed in the seconds pile, but I think we are almost on top of it. The back of our Tshirts and onesies are looking good. Now all I need is about 15 more days before Mathilda's Market ( or 15 more people to help!).

Hope to see you there!

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